What is Stock Screener Money Tree Robo?

Money Tree Robo Pro is a basically Stock Screener & Stock Analytic Tool for Stock Market. With the help of this APP & website, anybody can scan & choose best stock to trade very easily. It also provides stock signal like Intraday Buy/Sell, Jackpot Buy/Sell, Short Term Buy/Sell, Long Term Buy/Sell, Down Trend, Uptrend etc.

APP and website has many screeners like Auto Signal LiveScreener (EOD) & Customized Screener. Auto Signal Live is Intraday Screener which scan stocks in live market as per predefined criteria. Screener (EOD) is pre-defined screener but it scans end of the day.

Customized Screener is live screener which scan stocks as per your given criteria. Auto Signal Live & Screener (EOD) has many scan criteria which act as independent strategies. Anyone can choose any strategy and trade with confidence as all the levels like SMA, Volume Averages, High/Low,52 Week H/L, Pivot Points for Daily, Weekly & Monthly etc are given on Technical page of a stock.

Apart from these, there are many other data like BUY ABOVE, SELL BELOW, Targets for Intraday, Short term and Long term, Stock Performance like 1 Day Change, 1 Week Change, 1 Month Change, 3 Months Change, 6 Months Change, 1 Year Change etc. Also, APP has many other data like Last day High, Low, Close, 1 Week High, Low, Close, 3 Month High, Low, Close, 6 Month High, Low, Close etc. It has many fundamental data like PE ratio, PEG Ratio, ROE, ROCE, Growth Rate & many more.

These data are important for Technical, Fundamentals Analysis. On the basis of these data, we can analyse Stock Trend. It makes every traders and investors a handy tool for stock screening and research.

APP has many premium services like Trading Tools, Special Screener, My StrategiesNifty SignalRobo Portfolio, Support & Targets and many more which provide very easy way to filter & analyse the stock. Anyone can find best stock to trade & Invest.

For novices, BUY/SELL signal for all stock has been given. On that Signal, they can BUY/SELL stocks easily. In Trading Tools, it has more than 125 predefined strategies which scans live stocks from individual sector like Nifty50, Nifty Next50, F&O Stocks, Nifty 200, Nifty500, Metal, Banking etc at the click of the button.

In my strategies, Traders & Investors will be able to define their own criteria, edit it, save it & make a button. When they click on button, it will scan live stocks as per their own criteria. They can refine & optimize their criteria by checking performance in live market. In Robo Portfolio, Robo suggest some stocks for Intraday & Positional as per given criteria like age, return, risk, type of stocks etc. They can check Robo Scan stocks performance by saving into My Portfolio.

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Problem Solved:

Every Retail Traders & Investors has problem of How to Scan the StocksWHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY, WHEN TO HOLD & WHEN TO EXIT. These problems have been clearly solved in this Money Tree Robo Pro.

Money Tree Robo Pro was created to provide the easy way of information which will help the Traders & Investors in taking decision quickly by seeing all the information at single place. They can verify their own signal with our signal. If it matches with our signal, they can trade with confidence. Other major reason of creating this app is, people will understand WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY, WHEN TO HOLD & WHEN TO EXIT very easily.

Reason of this APP development:

The major problem of all traders & investors, WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY, WHEN TO HOLD & WHEN TO EXIT. Also, they are unable to collect all the information in easy way. They have to do very hard work to collect all relevant information.

They get frustrated by doing hard work & getting little. They leave this stock market investing IDEAs because it is very hard to understand. They also face How to do scanning, how to correlate all the information as all the relevant information are in scattered way in different websites.

They open 10–12 website and become puzzled. They are not correct about the Trend & Signal of any stock easily. They get confused what to do when any stock falls & move up. All these problems have been solved by providing Signal, Trend, all relevant information at single place to analyse the stock trend very easily.

If anyone uses this Money Tree Robo Pro, will be able to learn Stock Market very easily. They will know What are the relevant information to analyse the stock & many more things. This app surely makes Stock market fun & enjoying. Due to above problems, Money Tree Robo Pro was created.

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